Woman sparks furious debate for ‘unnerving’ way she gets butter out of a tub

There’s no right or wrong way to spread butter – or is there?

One woman has divided opinions for the way she scrapes butter from the tub with some people saying it should be “illegal”.

Jules Ross shared a photo of her pot of Clover which shows how, unlike a lot of people who scrape along the top, she instead likes to dig down from one side to the other.

Taking to the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, she wrote: “My husband thinks I’m weird, does anyone else scrape their butter from the tub this way?

“I’ve always done it.”

Since being posted, the photo has been liked 2,100 times and received more than 2,600 comments from divided users.

A few people were weirded out by the controversial method and were quick to say so, as one person commented: “This makes me anxious.”

Another said: “Eww no! If someone dug out my butter like that I would go crazy.”

“No. One side would be heavier than the other and that would unnerve me,” said a third user.

Another wrote: “Blimey. Lockdown really is getting to ppl.”

And: “This should be illegal,” said a fifth.

But there were quite a few people who defended her and even admitted they did the same.

One person wrote: “I do! Also do it with things like Philadelphia.”

Another said: “My husband does this but I like it scraped across, all even no dents!”

“Erm that is what I do…how else do you do it?” added a third.